25 Days of Minis FAQ's ⭐️Meet me at Midnight ⭐️

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⭐️At Midnight on November 30th the 2023 25 Days of Minis launches.

Numbers - 79 participating artists each creating 25 small works or 1,975 Small Works to choose from over 25 Days. 

⭐️I have been drawing small works ALL year in preparation. Only my favorites get assigned a date between Dec 1 & Dec 25. Like an Advent Calendar for art lovers -each day for 25 days straight you get to look at your email & gobble up 79 fresh small works of art hand made by 79 different artists all around the U.S and beyond. Here I am in 2022 in my 25 Days Makers apron with Boomer;-) 
Emer in 25 Days of Minis Apron with Boomer in 2022


⭐️ Sign up for the Daily Delivery email -  whether delicious bite sized artworks are in the cards for you or yours you get to enjoy the daily offerings. It will be your favorite email of the day.

 ⭐️See a MINI that you love but it's been snapped up already? Reach out to me  (email info@lovedrawinganimals.com)- I draw a LOT of MINI's and I may have something on hand that you like even more.

⭐️See a MINI you love as you take your first sip of coffee? Grab it - I've made the mistake of waiting until later only to have missed my chance - they go fast.

⭐️Quite a few go right at Midnight - word to the wise pop right onto my site at Midnight or after instead of waiting for the next Daily Delivery (trust me I struggle to stay awake but sometimes it must be done.) That days' drawing will be available right at Midnight. This little Donkey got snapped up right at Midnight last year.



 ⭐️& this little painting by fellow 25 Days of Mini's Sean Huntington is one that I snagged last December at Midnight & enjoy every single day. I'm a subscriber to the "buy a gift for someone, buy a gift for me" practice.

⭐️See a MINI that you love but you'd like it in a larger format? Email me as I may have a larger version.  I love a challenge & do a lot of custom drawing so please ask.

⭐️This year my Mini's will make their way to you in a sturdy, black, square gift box  ready for you to present. Each drawing is wired and ready to hang. 


Make sure you're on my email list - during the 25 Days I make additional Minis available & my list gets First Dibs. 

⭐️I am on a first name basis with everyone at my local Post Office but that said once we get to Dec 18 all bets are off on getting your art to you in time for Christmas.  I will do my utmost to get your Mini to you in time for the Holiday. I will send you an online version of your art so you can be confident that you'll have something to gift on the day!

⭐️Share the magic of 25 Days of Minis with your friends & families! There's plenty of art to go around. Let's be honest we can all use more beauty & joy in our lives especially around the Holidays.

⭐️Go ahead treat yourself and those you love from the comfort of your home.  We've been busy all year making little treasures just for you!

Have a wonderful Holiday Season! Peace & Joy to all, xoxo