My Story

About Emer:

 “If we master a bit of drawing, everything else is possible.” — Alberto Giacometti

In 2020, with way more time on my hands than usual, I spent a lot of time painting - although it was a fun, creative outlet for me during those difficult pandemic times, I was frustrated with my painting skills. I resolved to learn how to draw - how to really draw for the first time in my almost 50 years.

Initially I wanted to learn how to draw to improve my painting but when I started drawing with charcoal my aspirations shifted. I enjoyed working with charcoal so much more than any other medium that I resolved to spend as much time with charcoal as possible.  I love to experiment with other mediums and I love color but for now my art practise is focused primarily on charcoal drawing and my preferred subjects are animals. 

In January 2024, I moved from the "kitchen table" to my very first "studio." Taking over my kids playroom, a beautiful light filled space, is both filled with possibility and responsibility. 

Why Animals?

I grew up with dogs and cats with horses and ponies and farm animals close by making me a lifelong animal lover. Animals make the best subject matter for me because they are completely unselfconscious - there is no artifice in any animals expression and it is their range of expressions that I love to capture.  Charcoal lends itself perfectly to animal art as it brings an expressive warmth to each piece. There is an infinite amount of animals to draw, each lending a unique perspective on life. I draw my animals, your animals and those I encounter in daily life.

Four years on,I hope my art and my story encourages others to find their thing and pursue it as enthusiastically as you can. You'll know it when you find it as work no longer feels like work!

My professional background is in marketing but I am extremely fortunate to be on this artistic journey where I share a little beauty and joy with my animal drawings 

I am originally from Dublin, Ireland and am the youngest of five children. I live on Boston’s North Shore with my family and of course several pets.