Harbor Seal

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It was our last full day in Maine & not wanting to waste a moment I decided to take a paddle in the kayak by myself. It was a very calm day in the bay & I set off on a fairly ambitious paddle. There is an abundance of marine life in mid coast Maine but it's still always a thrill to come across it. About mid-way on my paddle, I noticed two harbor seals - one was quite a distance from me in the water but the other was just a few feet behind my kayak. I swear he was smiling at me. I would paddle along for five or six strokes & then pause & look back over my shoulder & there he was following along. I tested this several times & he stayed with me. Eventually he peeled off probably to rejoin the other seals. I had my phone with me but it was in a dry bag & I thought if I stopped & got it out I would probably break the magic between us so I just enjoyed our shared moment but I knew I was going to draw him as soon as I could.

Charcoal on acid free, archival paper matted & framed behind glass in a square, black wood frame.

8" x 8" Outer framed dimensions